Does Chadwick's Triple Play scratch?

Chadwick’s Triple Play will NOT scratch painted surfaces. It is formulated to soften & encapsulate the dirt. Using Chadwick’s Micro Fibre Towels will ensure this. The towels are designed with the right thread count and material percentage content to absorb the softened dirt deep into the fibres. As long as you follow the simple directions and DON’T RUB BACK & FORTH, to create friction your finish will look better than showroom new!

Do I have to wash my car before using Chadwick's Triple Play?

NO…. Please DO NOT WASH your car before using Chadwick’s Triple Play. The mineral and chemicals in the water and the alkalinity & PH from the soap will not react well with the ingredients in Chadwick’s Triple Play. Soap & water washing increases your chances of scratching your car from the abrasive non softened dirt caught in sponges, wash mitts or rags. If your car is muddy or extremely dirty just hose off lightly & let air dry than use Chadwick’s Triple Play as directed.

How is it possible to clean your car without soap & water?

That’s the number one question I get about Chadwick’s Triple Play. The process of soap & water washing is 70+ years old. The technique is extremely antiquated. With today’s technology of blending & formulating plus my 46 years hands on experience in the detailing business I have proven it works on over $500 million worth of cars without a failure. Chadwick’s Triple Play is NOT white coat lab tested like some products, it is actually field & hands on tested by me & hundreds of others using Chadwick’s Triple Play. IT WORKS!!!

How long does Chadwick's Triple Play last?

If you use Chadwick’s Triple Play just once a month under normal conditions it will ALWAYS last because each & every time you use Chadwick’s Triple Play it leaves a layer of protection fused to the clear coat or painted surface of your car. Soap & water washing strips your finish with water, chemicals & minerals plus the soaps high PH. Of course you should never leave bird droppings, tree sap or fallout just sitting on your car. Chadwick’s Triple Play is so easy once a week takes 20 minutes or less to leave your car looking better than showroom new.

Does Chadwick's Triple Play leave fingerprints?

NO! Chadwick’s Triple Play bonds to the surface & does not sit on the top of your paint like traditional wax. It also does not contain ingredients that are greasy or harmful like silicone. It is not just topical it BONDS!!!

How many cars can you clean, polish & protect from one 24oz bottle of Chadwick's Triple Play?

On the average you should get 6-8 cars out of one 32oz bottle. A little goes a long way. The more you use Chadwick’s Triple Play the less you will need.

Is Chadwick's Triple Play expensive?

Actually Chadwick’s Triple Play is extremely cost effective. The cost of an average car to Clean, Polish & Protect is $3.00- $4.00. Palm Beach County Fire & Rescue Chadwick’d an entire Fire Engine Truck including paint, chrome & wheels for $5.00 of Chadwick’s Triple Play in 20 minutes with 3 fireman.

Can Chadwick's Triple Play be used anywhere else besides the painted surfaces of your car?

ABSOULTELY! You can use Chadwick’s Triple Play on the glass, interior, wheels, anywhere! On glass it leaves a water repellent coating no wipers needed. There is NO need to buy extra expensive products that only do one thing. Chadwick’s Triple Play has a positive charge to it so NO dust will stick. Wipe your dash, doors and seats. You will see how natural & beautiful they look. Chadwick’s Triple Play works great on wheels. I spray the wheels first, Chadwick the car, come back to the wheels last & wipe the wheels down to a showroom clean result with a damp Chadwick’s Micro Fibre Towel.

Can the micro fibre towels be washed and reused?

Chadwick’s micros are washable and reusable… Cold water with any low suds laundry detergent is all you need… Air Dry Only No Dryer! Do NOT use any fabric softener of any kind or the towels will lose their ability to absorb.

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