What is Chadwick’s Triple Play

Chadwick’s Triple Play was formulated out of necessity.

Neil noticed after his client’s cars were detailed; the use of soap & water dulled & stripped the finish he had applied after one or two washings.

Water has chemicals & minerals, Soap has ph & alkalinity. The combination of the two were damaging to the paint & finish. Time was also a factor.

The “old way” of soap & water washing, plus claying the car, then applying a protective wax or finish was at least 2-3 hours. Chadwick’s Triple Play Car Care System can be easily done in 30-45 minutes with the results of a professional detailer. Triple Play has been formulated to soften & encapsulate the dirt in our tested & proven micro fibre towels so there is no risk of scratching. Soap & water is very abrasive & does damage to your finish every time you use it.

  • Typical waxes are only topical in nature so they evaporate & leave oily greasy surfaces.
  • Fingerprints disappear with Chadwick’s Triple Play acrylic high gloss finish. It bonds to the factory clear coat for that deep wet Showroom Shine.
  • It’s the only protection your car will ever need. Each time you use it another layer of protection bonds to itself & will not cloud or haze.
  • 3 steps in one bottle, Chadwick’s Triple Play.
  • It has taken three years to perfect, and has been on the market for over 8 years. Chadwick’s Triple Play has been tested in real time & real conditions (South Florida’s sun, heat and humidity) on over $15 billion worth of cars.
  • Chadwick’s Triple Play is the only product & system used on Lamborghini Palm Beach cars (new & used) since 2011.


“I have washed more cars the “old” soap & water way than probably anyone can imagine in the last 45 years. I knew I had to change my ways & find a new approach to the antiquated method of typical car care. For my own, as well as my clients peace of mind, I had to develop & formulate a system so I could be 100% sure it was safe, effective & consistently worked to the highest professional standards”.      Neil Chadwick, December 2009

Chadwick's Triple Play
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Chadwick’s Triple Play
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